Insert Data to A Table With Stored Procedure in Sql

In this post we will do some example about inserting data to a table with stored procedure. Advantages of using sp when adding data is…

  1. More faster
  2. We can control data
  3. We can do more process in one time

Example -1: Add a type named “informatics” to the types table with strored procedure.

Firstly, we must execute the code above and get successful massage. Then we can add every data we want like below.

First, we must write execute, secondly the name of procedure and then we must write parameters. If there is more than 1 parameter, we separate it with a comma.

Result: (1 row affected)

Example -2: Create a stored procedure that add data to types table. when adding data it must control the typename. If typename data’s letter count less then 3, the data must not add.

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