Sql Trigger Examples on Library Database

Sql Trigger Examples on Library Database
Written by Thomas Brown

In this post We will write some trigger examples on library database. There will be about 30 examples in this article. I hope you will like this examples. This examples will help you to learn how to write triggers.

Example 1: Trigger prevents the entry of data to student table

——-Method 2

Example 2: Trigger to prevent student addition to class 10A

Example 3: The trigger that prevents students from updating their classes and genders at the same time

Example 4: Trigger that prevents the addition of type names with less than six characters

Example 5: The trigger prevents to delete more than one records on borrows table at one time

Example 6: Trigger that prevents updating the student names

——–Method 2

Example 7: The trigger, adds points to students that up to the points of the book.

Example 8: The trigger prevents to delete the student. It updates the student’s points to zero

Example 9: The trigger prevents to take book(type drama) of students which class level nine

Example 10:  The trigger lets:The length of student names must be between 5 and 10 characters.

Example 11: The trigger prevents to lend books that has not been brought yet.

Example 12: When a student add to student table,add a borrow record with randomly selected book.

———-Method 2

Example 13: The student’s birthdate who will be added to the students table must be bigger than 2003

Example 14:A student can get only one book in the same day.

Example 15:Increase the point of each borrowed book by 1 point

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